Husband said I nested through my entire pregnancy, realistically I nest everyday.  I’m a neat freak on the surface (not a germ freak) and love having everything in it’s place.  I had our whole house unpacked and put together in a couple of days if you don’t count the laundry room which seems to be the dumping ground for things that don’t have a home.  If you remember back when we moved in Husband didn’t really pack very well, if at all.  He also needs to get a library card since we don’t have a room we can dedicate to his books.  Here’s our embarrassing room that I usually leave out of our house tour when guests come over:

I don’t remember how it all went down but I made a trip to Ikea to buy new book shelves 7.5 months pregnant and was not able to lift the boxes.  :(   So I had to enlist Husband (who greatly dislikes projects) to haul the worlds heaviest boxes through the house and down to the basement.  But like he says, he can bring the muscle just don’t ask him to put anything together.

Most of the mess really was just a matter of putting back in it’s place, I had put up the long metal shelves when we first moved in and now we needed a better place for Brad’s books.

So I had everything all organized and then Husband needed to reorganize to his specifications, hence room a mess again.

Have you ever used the metal shelving units you can find at Home Improvement stores like Home Depot?  They are a must have in all my closets, easy to install and pretty affordable in comparison to the California Closets of the world.  This awkward space quickly became functional.

With just a few tools you can multiply your storage space.  I also hung a few curtains to hide the clutter (stole the idea from an awesome blog – Young House Love)

Hoping we can keep this room presentable.  What room in the house is your go to room for things that don’t have a home?

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